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Dejan Gjorgjevikj  Ph.D.,

Department of
Software Engineering

Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
"Ss. Cyril and Methodius" University
Rugjer Boshkovikj 16 (PO Box 393)
1000 Skopje
FEIIT main building, office 219
North Macedonia, Republic of
Tel: +389 2 3099154

dejan <dot> gjorgjevikj <at> finki . ukim . mk
URL: http://www.finki.ukim.mk/mk/staff/dejan-gjorgjevikj 
Office hours: check here and by appointment
How to pronounce my name: Dejan Gjorgevikj
Alternative spelling: (Macedonian Cyrillic), Dejan Gjorgjevikj (official transliteration to Latin), Ђђћ (Serbian Cyrillic), Dejan Đorđević (Serbian Latin), Dejan Djordjevic (alt. transliteration to Latin)
Areas of interest:
Present interest centers on:
 Pattern Recognition
 Machine Learning
 Neural Networks
 Classifier Combining
 Natural Language Processing
 Computer Vision
 Software Engineering
Broader interests include:
 Internet of Things
 Image Processing
 Artificial Intelligence
 Optical Character Recognition
 Speech Recognition
 Speech Synthesis
Courses Taught (graduate studies):

F18L1W020, CSEW101 - Structured Programming (2004 - present)
F18L1S016, CSES201 - Object-Oriented Programming (2005 - present)
F18L2S082, CSES406 - Visual Programming (2006 - present)
F18L2S029, CSES403 - Software Engineering (2006 - present)
F18L3W089, CSEW703 - Introduction to Pattern Recognition (2012 - present)

Courses Taught (master studies):

Software Life Cycle Management (with prof. I. Chorbev) (2020 - present)
Design Patterns (with prof. S. Loskovska) (2008 - present)
Software Engineering and Project Managemet (2009 - present)
Pattern Recognition (2009 - present)
Software Architectures (2009 - present)

Previosly Taught Courses:
Artificial Intelligence, (2005-2006)
Programming Methodologies, (2004-2009)
Application software, (1992-2004)
Computer graphics, (1993-2004)
Programming languages, (19922004)
Introduction to Internet, (2005 - 2017)
Advanced Software Engineering, (2008 - 2019)
Advanced Web Technologies, (2008 - 2019)


Publications: My Publications

Curriculum Vitae:  My CV

My software: KorektorM (retired)

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