Usage of Agile Methodologies in Implementing Software Projects in IT Companies in the Republic of Macedonia

Vesna Budinoska and Dejan Gjorgjevikj

Abstract: In this paper we analyze the contribution of using agile methodologies and their principles in conducting software development projects. The research is focused on Macedonian IT companies for software development and the goal is to get an insight of the way these companies organize their work and involve agile principles in their way of delivering value to the stakeholders. The research was conducted on 15 different companies involved in software development operating in Macedonia, where 60 team members where surveyed. From the collected responses, we have concluded that the software industry in Macedonia is still pretty young and immature industry sector showing lower levels of agility in the development process in comparison to the best practices measured on a global scale. The results showed that the key agile principles for software development in the Macedonian IT companies are satisfied on an average 25% lower level than globally.


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